Prayers for a Healthy You

Tuesday, November 10 was my last day of using the ointment cream as it was already 2 weeks since my last Derma checkup. Since only my back has major lesion, the Derma prescribed Halobetasol for the 1st week and then continued on Betamethasone on the 2nd week. After a week, the improvement was awesome. It continued on until the 2nd week. Yesterday, instead of ointment, I asked he husband to put on lotion instead.

Goodbye šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹šŸ‘‹

My forehead has continued improving as well. It’s almost like my normal reddish complexion already in uniform with the rest of my face. The one in my groins have some moments but thankfully nothing major.

This is literally us everyday! Super thankful to have a very supportive husband who labored with me during the trying times. In sickness and in health indeed.

My scalp is also improving but there are moments as well but no major flakes when I wake up in the morning though. It’s as if they are gone already. Yay! Super thankful to God for the improvement. I know this is not really all human medicine but also a spiritual one.

All throughout it, I can feel God’s presence to the people who cared to message and let me know they are thinking and praying for me. There’s really no room for negativity and overthinking in my life right now. I have always sought for a peaceful life, now it’s no longer just a dream but it will have to be something that I should live with in order to thrive in the life with Psoriasis.

Just like always, this too shall pass. I am claiming that this is it for this season unless God has some more revelations. To cap this success, I would like to share one of the awesome Bible app plan devotional that helped me a lot during this new life transition.

Last day tomorrow!!!

Thank you so much for reading friends! Praying for you too! Have a thankful Thursday!

Published by Kring Julio

New Psor Warrior since September 29, 2020!

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