Welcome to a PSOR Life.

Hello Psor friends and guests! Welcome to the life of a 30 something mom from Cebu, Philippines who is diagnosed with Psoriasis on September 29, 2020! Being a new Psor Warrior, she hopes to learn, know and document her journey towards a Psor-free life with the help of her full faith in Jesus as a born again Christian!

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Manunggal Camp with a 27 Month Old Toddler

Originally posted on The WANDER (FULL) LIFE:
Despite the pandemic and the still uncertain times, we choose to see beyond and appreciate the outdoors just like what we did on the 1st weekend of 2020 – we opened it on a camp at Sirao Peak with closest of friends. 2020 Welcome Flashback @ Sirao Peak…

Confidently Weird

I’m no John Baptist but it’s heartwarming to have a bit of his bravery now and then. He was a weird fellow, very confident in what God thinks of him that he didn’t mind what the world thinks. I remembered I use to be that person, weirdly confident in my weirdness that no amount ofContinue reading “Confidently Weird”

Prayers for a Healthy You

Tuesday, November 10 was my last day of using the ointment cream as it was already 2 weeks since my last Derma checkup. Since only my back has major lesion, the Derma prescribed Halobetasol for the 1st week and then continued on Betamethasone on the 2nd week. After a week, the improvement was awesome. ItContinue reading “Prayers for a Healthy You”

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